The 7 100% natural Diacon plants that fight Diabetes

Gymnema syvestri, canela, lepidium meyenii Pimienta negra, moringa

Gymnema syvestri, cinnamon, lepidium meyenii, black pepper, moringa, bean pods, olive leaves

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With Diabetes
Natural ingredients

recover your life
Trivalent chromium helps maintain normal blood glucose levels

Diacon 60 capsules

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How to take Diacon?

1. Recommended dose?

It is recommended to take it three times daily. When the tests are favorable, the dose can be reduced up to a single daily dose

2. When to take it?

Immediately after each meal. Up to a maximum of three daily. 

3. When will I notice the benefits of Diacon?

It can be variable, but usually after 20 or 30 days you will notice better results in the measurements

4. How long to take Diacon?

It will go on in time or Diacon would stop working..

5. Incompatibilities

Do not administer to people with renal and / or helpmate failure. In case of pregnant women use under medical prescription

6. Should I stop my usual medication?

You should never stop the medication prescribed by your doctor. Therefore, you must continue with your medication, which except incompatibilities described above can be made compatible with Diacon

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